Trumpet player, educator, arranger and composer.

Professor at the Liszt Academy of Music and the Kodolányi János University, teacher at Hermann László Music School, teaching jazz trumpet, arranging, orchestration, and music theory.

He’s started his music carrier with the Youth Windband of Székesféhérvár in 1987. His own group called Corpus Brass Quartet won first prize of the Hungarian Chamber Music Festival in 1996.

Soloist, arranger and composer of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra from the beginning, 1998 to 2013.

He was a member of an international big band called European Broadcast Union Jazz Orchestra in 2002 in Budapest – Hungary, and in 2003 in Istambul – Turkey. In 2004 he toured with the Swinging Europe – the European Jazz Youth Orchestra from Denmark to Brasil. 2004-2007 he had the soloist chair in the Hungarian Borderguard Big Band. In 2009 János Hámori founded Fehérvár Big Band, with professional musicians from Székesfehérvár.

In 2011 the Advisory Board of Artisjus Foundation awarded János Hámori the ARTISJUS-prize for his outstanding activity in the field of performing contemporary Hungarian compositions.